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Enjoy a trip in Asturias exclusively designed for you

We design itineraries in the heart of Asturias adapted to your interests, budget, and time availability, with accommodation options and daily activities planned so that you can enjoy an adventure perfectly prepared just for you.

Contact us! Our team of experts in Asturias will be delighted to work with you to design the adventure of your dreams in the greenest and most unknown Spain.

Customize your adventure in the heart of Asturias by simply filling in the form below with travel details, and we'll take care of the rest.

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    What should I take with me?

    When you sign up for one of our trips, we will send you a detailed packing list according to the type of trip you are taking and the time of year.

    As a general rule, remember that Asturias has a somewhat unpredictable climate, with a tendency for rainy and humid days. The green of the landscapes has a cause! However, the months we operate group trips (May, June, and September) are meteorologically stable (although we say that with a small mouth).

    To prepare for everything from hot and sunny days to cold, rain, fog, or wind, the best strategy is to dress in layers: a thermal base layer, followed by a fleece jacket to keep you warm and a final waterproof/windproof/rainproof layer to protect you from the elements (hopefully you won’t have to wear it, but you should always carry it in your attack pack).

    You will also need comfortable hiking pants (not jeans!), thermal tights, a hat, sunglasses, underwear, and several pairs of hiking socks (look for socks without seams to avoid chafing and possible blisters).

    On horseback, it is essential to wear comfortable long pants. If you tend to chafe in your legs, applying some vaseline cream before the route is advisable.

    On the canoeing day, you will need a swimsuit and river shoes (preferably adjustable). Optionally you can wear a lycra t-shirt.

    On the surfing day, our guides will provide all the necessary equipment: wetsuits, boards, and lycra.

    Who are my guides?

    When organizing your trip with us through Asturias, we work with first-class professional tour operators and their guides to offer you a Bears & Waves level of service.

    We have local guides who live in Asturias all year round for our group itineraries. They are officially qualified to guide and are periodically trained in flora, fauna, geology, and history topics.

    Do I need travel insurance?

    All Exploring Spain activities in Spain have accident insurance included in the price. However, suppose you practice mountain sports regularly and travel frequently. In that case, we suggest that you take out travel insurance, which in addition to covering any accidents and rescues, will protect you against many other situations.

    If you need travel insurance, you can purchase it with our travel agency. Exploring Spain processes all insurances with Intermundial. The cost of these insurances is lower if you contract it through Exploring Spain than if you do it directly with Intermundial.


    Is there really no cost or commitment involved in booking a trip?

    None. Booking a trip with Bears & Waves is like telling us I’m interested! Once you have made your reservation, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt in the email you have indicated. When the minimum group size for the trip is reached, the Exploring Spain travel agency will contact you and everyone who has made a reservation to confirm that you are still interested in the journey. Only then will you have to make a firm decision. Once Exploring Spain has verified that there is a minimum group size, each participant must confirm the reservation with the payment of at least 50% of the trip price.

    What is cancellation insurance?

    Cancellation insurance covers the reimbursement of expenses incurred by travelers when they cancel a trip. The cancellation insurance must be contracted at the same time the trip is hired or booked (only in some cases the insurance company gives a few hours or even days of margin to formalize the contracting of the insurance).

    The traveler will be covered if they cancel the trip before the beginning due to any guaranteed causes occurring after the journey has been booked or contracted.

    There may be many guaranteed causes, depending on the type of insurance contracted. The most common are severe illness or accident, serious damage resulting from theft, dismissal or employment, or call as part of a jury or a polling station.

    Why should I travel with your company?

    We are a small company of experts in active, nature, and adventure travel, with great experience organizing travel itineraries and a passion for our country.

    We have poured all that experience and passion into this travel itinerary through the heart of Asturias, a region of Spain that we love and wish to share in an engaging, safe, and fun way with travelers from all over the world.

    To optimize our personalized service and ensure a pleasant experience, we drive small groups of at most 8 people. And above all: we have counted on the collaboration of local guides, escorts, and operators who love the nature and culture of their land. And it shows.


    Enrich your trip by exploring with us

    After years traveling around the world and searching for new destinations, we have the experience to offer you an unforgettable adventure in a unique place, with exceptional quality and service, in an impressive region in the north of Spain:
    from the mountains of the Somiedo Natural Park to the Asturias Coast.

    We are a “Bear Friendly” company and for this reason part of our profits go to bear conservation with the Oso Pardo Foundation


    +34 616 777 048

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